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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Addressing the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Journalism: the perception of experts, journalists and academicsNaoaín, Amaya Sánchez
2017Alexander Black’s "Miss Jerry" (1894). A journalist in the prehistory of cinemaPeña-Fernández, Simón; Lazkano-Arrillaga, Iñaki
2023All Radicalization Is Local: Media Influence on Local Islamist Radicalization Processes in Five German and Austrian HotspotsNeumann, Katharina; Baugut, Philip
2021Artificial intelligence and journalism: Systematic review of scientific production in Web of Science and Scopus (2008-2019)Calvo-Rubio, Luis M.; Ufarte Ruiz, María José
2014At the heart of celebrity: celebrities’ children and their rights in the mediaMarôpo, Lidia; Jorge, Ana
2023Bayesian Multilevel Modeling and Its Application in Comparative Journalism StudiesChang, Chung H.; Rauchfleisch, Adrian
2018Big Data as a differentiating sociocultural element of data journalism: the perception of data journalists and expertsSandoval-Martín, María T.; La-Rosa, Leonardo
2022Can the Media Prevent Economic Crises by Alerting of their Risk? A Debate on the Limited Effects of the WatchdogRios-Rodríguez, Raúl; Dios-Vicente, Adrián; López-Iglesias, Edelmiro
2014Community building in the digital age: Dynamics of online sports discussionLópez-González, Ibai; Guerrero-Solé, Fréderic; Larrea, Olatz
2020Conversational bots used in political news from the point of view of the user’s experience: PolitibotSánchez-González, Hada M.; Sánchez-González, María
2020E-innovation Platforms in Journalism Teaching: Cybermedia as a professional educational toolMartínez-Arias, Santiago M.; Parra-Valcarce, David
2021Engagement as an emerging value on the television channel Al Jazeera. Comparative analysis of AJA and AJE (2016-2020)Garcí-Oroza, Berta; Alafranji, Mohsen
2022Fact-checkers on social networks: analysis of their presence and content distribution channelsDafonte, Alberto Gómez; Miguez, María I. González; Ramahí García, Diana
2016Framing international media in the face of social movements: CNN and Al-Jazeera English in the fall of MorsiElena, Martín
2020Gamification of sports media coverage: an infotainment approach to Olympics and Football World CupsRojas-Torrijos, José L.
2015Global news, local coverage: how the Basque press framed the horse meat crisisMarín-Murillo, Flora; Armentia-Vizuete, José I.; Caminos Marcet, José María
2017Homogeneity and plurality of the media agenda in Chile. A crosslongitudinal study of the national print press between 1990 and 2015Mellado, Claudia; Humanes, María L.
2018Immigration in the media sphere: key political actors’ strategiesRuíz-Aranguren, María; Cantalapiedra, María José
2021Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Journalism: transformations in the company, products, contents and professional profileTúñez, Miguel; Fieiras-Ceide, César; Vaz-Álvarez, Martín
2023Interrogating Dominant Ideology in Media Representations of Witchcraft-Related Gendered Violence: The Case of Mariama Akua DentehMohammed, Wumpini F.